Doula Training and Services


Childbirth Educator/
Lactation Counselor

Childbirth: As an educator, it is my joy to share basic birth knowledge of labor, medications, interventions, alternatives, and comfort techniques which can assist a couple through the birth experience.
I see the “aha” moments in their eyes as they gain understanding of the basics, which were before unknown to them. And, as study progresses, it opens up to the realization that birth actually can be a gratifying and awesome experience as well!
I also share alternative birthing strategies such as Spinning Babies, HypnoBabies, and Hypnobirthing, to give them more options for their birth.
I can offer you Private, semi-Private and group Childbirth Education. I can tailor my class to your special needs and schedules.
Lactation: I will be happy to help with any breastfeeding issues or just basic support! I can counsel on positions, pumping, latch, and proper breast/nipple care. I have wonderful Lactation Consultants and resources available should you need additional support.
I also teach Online and In Person Breastfeeding classes!

Birth and Postpartum Doula Services

I have been supporting couples prenatally, through the labor process, and postpartum for many years. It is a passion of mine to offer couples support during these wonderful, yet challenging times of their lives! It is such an honor and a blessing to be able to show new parents how to navigate the labor process, while supporting their wishes for birth. It’s important for Mom’s to know their bodies were made to do this labor thing!
Once home with the new baby, the adjustment can potentially be difficult, with breastfeeding, “sleeping”, and just managing the normal household functions! I offer education, resources, breastfeeding support, respite, and an experienced listening ear. My goal is to help new parents realize they CAN do it, they just may need a hand up!

Birth Doula Workshop

As a Birth doula, it’s an honor and privilege to walk a couple through the miracle of birthing their precious child. Teaching them what the body is capable of, and that labor IS manageable, helps open the doors of their understanding, so they realize it doesn’t have to be like all the “stories” they have heard!
This dovetails into training others who want to share HOW to have this kind of birth! Many women have a deep desire to assist in the birth process, help give women the power they forget they have, and draw the couple closer, through their birth experience.
This is a gift that is not given to all; and that is why I call it the “doula heart”. I seek out those who share the passion to empower women; with a heart that supports, understands, and uses evidence-based techniques to help the couple/family through this amazing miracle of birth!

PRIVATE BREASTFEEDING CLASSES FOR NEW PARENTS: Includes an interactive workbook and 3 hours of instruction on proper latch; positioning; potential complications and resolutions for them; when to get extra help; and more!

ONLINE BREASTFEEDING CLASSES: minimum of 3 participants in each class, workbook also included!

NEW!! In Person “BIRTH COMFORT MEASURES” class. Hands on techniques to enhance, promote, and ease labor process. Includes positions for back labor and assisting baby to achieve optimal position for birth; how to use the birth ball and peanut ball; some prenatal exercises to help release important ligaments/tendons to ease baby into proper birth position; AND a practice labor!