BIRTH DOULA WORKSHOP: $495 / Intro to Breastfeeding Requirement: $50

Full 3 days, 1 day Intro to Childbirth & 2 days Doula Training. $200 deposit due 7 days prior to Workshop date; balance paid at venue, or sooner if preferred. 

Three hour ONLINE Intro to Breastfeeding Class for Doulas: Scheduling TBD (This will fulfill DONA’s BF certification requirement) 

(When registering, please fill out form available under  “Services” in the header)

BIRTH DOULA SERVICES: $1500 ($1200 for Active Military-Non-Network Tricare Provider)

 2 prenatal/1PP visit. Once hired, available 24/7 by phone, text, email. Stay throughout labor; delivery; and also postpartum to help with initial latch. Assist emotionally, physically; and advocate during labor process, by reminding you of your birth plan/wishes. Help partner assist by showing him/her how to be helpful!

(When registering, please fill out the form available under “Services” in the header)

Childbirth Preparation Classes: $250 / Breastfeeding Classes $125

Six hours: includes interactive manual containing videos, comfort techniques, medications, cesarean, potential interventions and resources. Hands on instruction for positions and pain relieving techniques. 

Three hours: Covers all aspects of Breastfeeding, positioning, latch, pumping, storing milk, etc. Includes an interactive manual containing videos, PDF’s, and a variety of resources. 

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Childbirth Refresher Class: $150

Geared towards “experienced parents” needing just to brush up!  Three hours: includes interactive manual and videos highlighting topics chosen by you, and comfort techinques. 

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Lactation Services/Breastfeeding Support: $50 (2hr. Minimum)

Post Delivery:  Covering questions regarding latch issues, sore nipples, positioning. Help with positioning and pumping. Resources and referrals available as needed. 

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POSTPARTUM DOULA SERVICES: $50/2hr. Minimum ($45/2hr Minimum Active Military-Non Network Tricare Provider)

Help new parents adjust to baby’s needs by assisting with Breastfeeding, positioning, pumping, minor household chores, baby laundry, organizing baby’s room, watching baby while you shower or take a nap. Resources and referrals available as needed. CPR/BLS Certified 

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NEW! Comfort Techniques Class: Full 6hrs. $250

CLASS INCLUDES-Optimal positioning for labor progress, relief of back labor, opening the pelvis, and use of birth ball and peanut ball. Some “rebozo” techniques and basic “Spinning Babies” prenatal activities to ensure baby’s proper position within the pelvis. Hands on techniques during labor to encourage pelvic release and reduce labor discomfort. How to recognize the 4 stages of labor. And a full labor “practice” through the stages of labor to help partner and laboring mom be able to master the positions and various techniques relevant to each stage. THE GOAL IS TO HELP YOU BOTH FEEL MORE CONFIDENT AND COMFORTABLE MOVING THROUGH YOUR BIRTH PROCESS!   (Please fill out form under “Services”, then scroll down under “Childbirth Educator/Lactation”, click on grey button. I will contact you.)