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My husband and I are so grateful for hiring Diana Kay as our doula! From the start, we were impressed with her professionalism and wealth of information – it was clear she has many years of experience being a great doula. Our labor was 36 hours long and Diana (and her backup) were there the entire time! Although everyone was tired, Diana kept our spirits high and continued to encourage us while helping progress the labor. We couldn’t have chosen a better doula!

-Fairlight L.


Finding Diana was such a blessing. This was our first child and we wanted the birth experience to be as positive and easy as possible. Diana helped us prepare for the birth beforehand and helped us every step of the way during the process. My birth was very long, about 36 hours. Diana stayed with us the whole time, she is extremely dedicated and puts everyone at ease the moment she walks into a room. I am so happy with our experience. Thank you!

-Laura M.


I feel so blessed and lucky to have found Diana Kay. We gave her short notice and she went out of her way to make sure we met a few times to prepair us for what was to come. During the labor I couldn’t have imagined anything better. She kept my husband and I calm, in our own home environment, and we even went for a nice walk in the sun while I had contractions. She made us feel relaxed and in control. Once we made it to the hospital she didn’t allow the doctors and nurses to rush me. We took our time and I had a wonderful experience. I recommend her to anyone. If you are unsure or on the fence GO FOR IT! Having Diana as your Doula you cannot go wrong.

-Heidi D.


With so many doulas available in the San Diego area, we were a little overwhelmed and hoping we would choose the right one for us. Our midwife mentioned her name which is how I found her. I knew at the first meeting she was perfect for us. To say that Diana Kay was an answer to our prayers would be an understatement. We are a military family and expected our first child in November of 2017. We were looking for a doula to support us in an unmedicated birth. Although we did not have that type of birth due to numerous complications (induction from pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, etc.), we are beyond grateful Diana was there to help us. Even my husband said to me, “I don’t know what I would have done without her.” We had a 36-hour labor that ended in a C Section. My husband and Diana both provided constant support to me for pain relief and encouragement. She had a back-up doula on standby incase our labor was long, which it was. She was also fantastic. Diana is incredibly nurturing, knowledgeable and professional. She is so easy to talk with and has a wealth of experience in various aspects of birth and post-partum topics. I found her postpartum visit incredibly encouraging. As a new mother not having any idea what to do with a baby and without family in the area, I felt like she treated us like she would her own family. I could not recommend her enough. I know anyone that hires her for their birth will not be disappointed. We will always be so thankful for her and will always feel like she is a part of our new little family.

-Taryn C.


We had been waffling on getting a Doula for several months before deciding that having one would be a good idea. What we didn’t realize at the time was that it was one of the best decisions we could have made! After meeting Diana and her team, we started to relax a little bit more about the birth process. Having a Doula with us meant we wouldn’t have to be constantly checking our birth class material, checking the internet for “is this normal?”, and constantly calling in nurses to answer questions. If you’re having trouble deciding if you should get a Doula: you should! If you’re daunted by the prospect of interviewing Doulas to find the perfect fit: look no further than Diana and her team at “Three Doulas, One Heart”. Knowing that we had Diana (or Kendra or Kathy in event of unforseen emergencies) on hand allowed us to relax before the due date. Having her on hand the day of the delivery was pivotal in the success of the experience. Diana was full of knowledge from the many births she has assisted. She knows how best to keep mama as happy and comfortable as can be. She comes prepared with supplies and tools that the delivery room isn’t guranteed to have. She is unflagging in her support: both emotional and physical. She was even available post-partum to give tips on breast feeding, baby care, and anything else we had questions about. I could go on for days, but the bottom line is this: Get a Doula. That Doula should be Diana Kay. You will not regret it, and you’ll probably end up becoming an advocate for Doulas (and Diana Kay)!

-Daniel Z.


This testimonial is long over due! As I gear up for my third birth, I am reminded that I never completed this testimonial that is so deserved. We hired Diana as our doula fairly late in my pregnancy. In spite of this she was still able to schedule our preparations visits with ease and by the time I went into labor we felt very comfortable with, and supported by her. Prior to the birth, she helped us put together a detailed birth plan, and gave us some helpful tips for labor management. On the evening I went into labor, she met us at our home, provided support with labor and helped us decide when to head into the hospital. Once at the hospital she continued to provide amazing support to both myself and my husband. She gently reminded my husband of specific ways he could both comfort me and advocate for me. With her support I was able to experience the unmedicated labor that I had wished for. Although, in the end, I required a c-section, I felt confident that we had tried everything we could and that it was the safest decision. Because Diana was familiar with some of the hospital staff, she was allowed to be in the OR with us. She stayed with my husband to calm his nerves while i was being prepped for surgery, took invaluable photos for us as our son was born, stayed with me as I was being closed so that my husband was free to have skin to skin with our son as they waited for me, accompanied us to recovery to assist in facilitating feeding, and finally to our room until we were settled in. Overall, Diana was very professional, but mostly felt like having a very good friend or family member with us. She was calming, supportive, knowledgeable and extremely effective. After the birth, my husband admitted that he was initially unsure about the necessity of a doula, but he now exclaims that Diana was “worth her weight in gold”. We recommend her without hesitation.

-Jill N.