Do you have a strong desire to help women and babies? Does the idea of assisting a couple with their labor and birth excite you?

Well, follow your heart and check out how to become a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International!

It is the oldest, largest, and most recognized certifying organization in the world. Your journey starts with a Birth Doula Workshop!

Upcoming Doula Training

  1. Doula Training Workshop @ Solana Beach

    December 6 @ 8:00 am - December 8 @ 6:00 pm

My Services

Childbirth Educator

As an educator, it is my joy to share basic birth knowledge of labor, medications, interventions, alternatives, and comfort techniques which can assist a couple through the birth experience.

I see the “aha” moments in their eyes as they gain understanding of the basics, which were before unknown to them. And, as study progresses, then comes the realization that birth actually can be a gratifying and awesome experience, as well!

I also share alternative birthing strategies such as Spinning Babies, HypnoBabies, and Hypnobirthing, to give them more options for their birth.

I can offer you Private, semi-Private and group Childbirth Education. I can tailored my class to your special need and schedules.

Lactation Consultant

Certified Lactation Counselor

As a lactation counselor, I desire to support breastfeeding Mamas as they manage this new relationship between them and their newborn.

I love to teach Mamas that they “CAN” do it. I share resources that will help them receive additional support when necessary; and I offer instruction on the use of their breast pump as well as manual expression.

Please email or call when facing breastfeeding challenges so we can get to it right away

Birth Doula Training

Birth Doula Training

As a Birth doula, it’s an honor and privilege to walk a couple through the miracle of birthing their precious child. Teaching them what the body is capable of, and that labor IS manageable, helps open the doors of their understanding, so they realize it doesn’t have to be like all the “stories” they have heard!

This dovetails into training others who want to share HOW to have this kind of birth! Many women have a deep desire to assist in the birth process, help give women the power they forget they have, and draw the couple closer, through this birth.

This is a gift that is not given to all; and that is why I call it the “doula heart”. I seek out those who share the passion to empower women; with a heart that supports, understands, and uses evidence-based techniques to help the couple through this amazing miracle of birth!

Please email or call so we can connect soon! Birth Blessings!


My husband and I are so grateful for hiring Diana Kay as our doula! From the start, we were impressed with her professionalism and wealth of information - it was clear she has many years of experience being a great doula. Our labor was 36 hours long and Diana (and her backup) were there the entire time! Although everyone was tired, Diana kept our spirits high and continued to encourage us while helping progress the labor. We couldn't have chosen a better doula!
Fairlight L.
Finding Diana was such a blessing. This was our first child and we wanted the birth experience to be as positive and easy as possible. Diana helped us prepare for the birth beforehand and helped us every step of the way during the process. My birth was very long, about 36 hours. Diana stayed with us the whole time, she is extremely dedicated and puts everyone at ease the moment she walks into a room. I am so happy with our experience. Thank you!
*Laura Magnuson
I feel so blessed and lucky to have found Diana Kay. We gave her short notice and she went out of her way to make sure we met a few times to prepair us for what was to come. During the labor I couldn't have imagined anything better. She kept my husband and I calm, in our own home environment, and we even went for a nice walk in the sun while I had contractions. She made us feel relaxed and in control. Once we made it to the hospital she didn't allow the doctors and nurses to rush me. We took our time and I had a wonderful experience. I recommend her to anyone. If you are unsure or on the fence GO FOR IT! Having Diana as your Doula you cannot go wrong.
*Heidi Dolan